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Trainee Teaching at MMU

Last week Beth delivered a 2 hour session for trainee teachers completing PGCE courses in Psychology and Social Sciences at MMU. PIE have delivered similar training for students and newly qualified teachers, but the beauty of this programme is that we can tailor and adjust our teaching to suit the Institution or purpose. We are so happy to be back at our beloved MMU to work with teachers of the future!

This time, our teaching & learning focussed on: 

- Exploring your role as a teacher away from academic teaching - role model/ enrichment/ morals/ citizenship.

- Talking through social action and how this could be used in curriculum time as well as extra curricular and enrichment activities. 

- Exploring how to plan mini social action projects within their placements. 

- Discussing the links between social action and teaching/ education.

- Looking at the UN Sustainable Development Goals and what are our priorities/ considered priorities of young people and how that could impact our teaching. 

- Modelling various ways of teaching discussions and group projects.

- Linking all of the above to cultural capital and explored the value of this to both educational and future success. 

We also spent time talking about wider educational careers, teaching placements, job interviews and way to best teach revision to young people. 

At PIE we are passionate about making the biggest impact to support young people to become future ready - we are proud to work with partner organisations such as MMU to help support the teachers of tomorrow to help young people become future ready. 

If you would like to hear more about PIEs training offer - for trainee teachers, school staff or staff within another organisation - please get in touch. 

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