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In-school voice

A selection of Feedback from our In-School Projects.



“I learned to listen to everyone's ideas.”

“I gained more knowledge.”

“I would like the course to be more practical next time.”

“This programme taught me about managing digital media.”

“Outside of college, this course will help with volunteering.”

“I got the help I needed.”

“This course is beneficial and fun!”

“Now I'm more confident and I enjoy talking to people.”

“PIE gave me more opportunities.”

“I have learnt a lot, from global issues to having a voice in what goes on in society.”

“I enjoyed creating our own campaign as this helped us bring awareness to an issue that we are passionate about and bring a change in our local community.”

“It helped me improve my communication and leadership.”

“This course helped me focus.”

“It has helped me communicate and that we need to involve ourselves in the community.”

“This programme gave me experiences that will help me when I'm applying for apprenticeships or jobs.”


Participating in community and social action projects has provided the young people at Unity with a sense of pride in their community and an understanding of the importance of helping others. 


For many of our students who have participated in these projects home lives and background circumstances are challenging which often leads to a very inward looking mindset, being challenged to look beyond their own circumstances at how they can help others has allowed them to develop a greater sense of resilience, pride and ambition for their own futures. 


We have also noticed a significant increase in the ability of young people to communicate with adults in a mature and professional manner, even some very shy students have been able to speak to staff to communicate ideas and have done so professionally.  This has in the long run developed better relationships with students and a more mature approach to dealing with any other issues which arise in school.

Stephen Cooke, Headteacher,

Unity Academy, Blackpool.

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