What do people say about PIE?

It's great to tell you about what we do, but it's even better for others to tell you all about us.

Have a look below to find out what students and staff have to say about out programmes.


"The PIE Programmes have clearly helped students to prepare for their GCSE exams, and for life after school."

Caroline Slinger, Achievement Leader, Chorlton High School

"The staff from PIE are professional and always creative with all of the sessions that are led for the students."

Debbie Morley, Deputy Head, Harrop Fold School

"The PIE programme has helped me grow in confidence and feel positive about my future."

Year 10 student, Chorlton High School

"I have developed both mentally and academically by taking part in the Future Ready programme."

Year 10 student, Harrop Fold

It was great to be involved with the PIE programme. The sessions with the students enabled me to see their creativity and passion, and each session I attended was well organised and explained. I also feel like whilst I was there to help the students, it also helped me to develop my own skills which can be used in my day to day job. I definitely recommend being involved with the programme, and I will continue to do so in the future. 

Hannah Matthewman, Marketing Manager, Tunafish Media

"Doing the iDEA Award helped me to think I can actually complete and achieve things. I've never completed an award before."

Year 9 student, The East Manchester Academy

The PIE programme was well planned, engaging and purposeful for our students. The students developed their literacy skills, independence most notably their confidence when presenting their own ideas. I’m looking forward to working with PIE again in the future!

Holly Koval, Director of Progress, The East Manchester Academy