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Meet the team

Beth Nunn 

Founder and CEO

Beth Nunn headshot.jpg

Beth founded PIE in November 2017, after spending a decade working in teaching. Having spent time as an English teacher, Pupil Premium Co-ordinator and manager of a Social Inclusion Centre, Beth has extensive experience working with vulnerable and disengaged young people. 

Leaving formal education has allowed Beth to work with a wider number of young people in a variety of settings and situations; she is passionate about working with young people to make sure they are given the opportunity for a brighter future. 


Anna Nunn



Caroline Dean

School Delivery


Gemma Piper


Liaison Lead

Antony Szmierek

School Delivery

Millie Morley

Community Support


Anna is a qualified Primary Teacher with a range of experience teaching in Bolton, East Lancashire and Greater Manchester. She is now working in an operational role for PIE, doing admin, planning, preparation and analysis for all PIE projects.

Having spent 30 years working within secondary schools throughout the UK, Caroline now spends time working within the higher education sector as well as delivering programmes and projects for PIE. She feels passionate about making a difference to young people's lives and loves how her role at PIE allows her to do this with so many different cohorts. 

Gemma has a background in recruitment and supporting long-term unemployed members of the community. She has always had a strong urge & a passion to support people, to provide them with the best opportunities and to make a difference. She is PIE's Community Lead, working on and delivering a range of programmes and activities to all ages.

Antony is an English Teacher, writer and poet. He has been delivering sessions for PIE since 2020, including leading on the Put It In Words poetry programme and hosting PIE Digital Family Quizzes. 

Millie is a college student, working with PIE in between her studies. She supports many PIE Community programmes, in particular HAF, will be involved in many new programmes moving forward. 

Our students



3rd Year Sociology with Quantitative Methods (BSc)

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3rd Year Sociology with Quantitative Methods (BSc)

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Our board

Naomi Timperley  Director and Chair of Board

Susannah Haygarth Director and Finance Secretary


Seamus Mannion  Director and Company Secretary

Heather Kenny  Director 

Heather Kenny headshot.jpg

Naomi is a published author, mentor, speaker, and panellist. She has been inspiring businesses to strive for growth through innovation and disruption for over 10 years.

Susannah has taught in a variety of contexts over the last 17 years. She is passionate about levelling the playing field between students so that all will succeed, no matter what their background.

Seamus has been working with young people for over 20 years and is a passionate believer in giving them a voice, because without youth there are no truly new ideas.

Heather has worked in the communications industry for over 10 years, building and managing the reputation of global brands. Leading award-winning teams, she is committed to the development of the next generation of communicators.

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