our programmes

We run a number of programmes and courses with high school students. Each of these is built around our five slices or main focus areas: communication, digital, project management, community and cultural capital. Each of these programmes strives to develop young people who are confident, resilient and motivated.

The PIE Future Ready Programme: Runs for six months with Year 10 students. Includes workshops led by industry experts, work place visits, volunteering experience, student 'self branding' project and time for students to fundraise for a final cultural capital experience.  

The PIE Prep Programme: Weekly group coaching sessions with Year 11 students. Students spend time every week working to Practice, Inspire and Evaluate. Students practice key skills for core subjects, are inspired through motivational activities, and evaluate and set their own SMART targets. 

The PIE Transition Project: Working with students in Year 6/ Year 7 to help deliver a smooth transition for the move to high school. Students spend time collaborating, learning new skills, and helping create a sense of identity with their new school. Programme can be delivered prior to students starting high school, or during their first year.


We are also able to negotiate the development and delivery of bespoke programmes dependent on schools needs.