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Wave of change

A selection of feedback from our Wave of Change Programme, an employment programme for women, in collaboration with the Goodness Collective, running since 2020.

"The Wave of Change has helped me get my confidence and motivation back. Feeling valued and cared for and inspired by course leaders and fellow participants has been wonderful. Meeting such kind and interesting people and making connections has been fantastic and exciting."

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"I've been sparked into doing projects I am passionate about, a clear view of what I want for my future and amazing new friends."

"I would describe the Wave of Change programme as probably one of the most valuable things I have done in a very long time."

"They helped me building up my self-confidence and provided all kinds of support. Simone, Claire and Beth are highly trained and knowledgeable about different subjects, I always felt supported by them."


"I hope that I can use my new found skills and confidence to likewise support others as I progress along my journey."

"This course is an uplifting and nurturing programme that provides support to you as an individual in a safe environment and allows you to become part of a group of inspiring women."

"I have gained both a better awareness of which direction I want my life to be heading and newly re-energised confidence about moving forwards, knowing I have a network of support services and like minded allies, though we are all different and have different needs, are all willing to support each other where they can."

"The course is packed with useful content and invaluable resources and delivered in a way that allows you to progress at your own pace."

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