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A selection of feedback from our Community based projects.


Young people

"I enjoyed going to the cinema and eating ice cream. I liked going to Stockport County, I learnt some fun facts! My favourite thing was seeing Harmony and my friends."


"This week has been perfect!"


"I had a good week because I made new friends. I had a good time at the cinema. I like playing and doing scavenger hunts. I liked going to Stockport County."


"I liked being with my friends and closer to my sister."


"My favourite part this week was going to Stockport County and going in the changing room. I loved being with my friends and I learnt lots of facts!"


"By chance we found out about the holiday club that was running in the summer of 2021, we contacted Gemma and told her our circumstances and from that conversation our three children joined up.  Our children have additional needs and it can be a struggle taking them to new places.  Gemma, Beth and Caroline instantly took to our children as did our children to them.  It’s a massive struggle to get our eldest autistic son to interact with people, but over the weeks/months he has learnt to trust them and all three children love going to holiday club, we are lucky to have them and they love when they know an activity or session is running."


"My child really enjoyed spending time with his friends and he had a lot to talk about after each trip. It helped building his confidence and self-esteem. Seeing him happy and excited was amazing. I am so very grateful for all the support and help being provided."


"Lily absolutely loves the holiday club, all the activities provided give my child fun days out that I know I can’t always provide in school holidays due to working."


"Harmony loved all the recent activities, Cinema, Stockport County and the day with her friends at the hut. The club allows me to work whilst Harmony has fun with her friends in a friendly, safe environment."


"We benefit as a family from the holiday club because my girls get opportunities that I can’t always afford to give them. For example: Stockport County tour, they couldn’t sleep the night before with excitement! It was amazing! I have never had to worry about them while attending the holiday club as I know they’re in fabulous hands! My girls always come back with full tummies and positives stories. they have made loads of new friends with the children and workers. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without the holiday club and the ladies that work there."

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