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 Transition Voice

Feedback from one of our recent Transition Programmes (Age 10-13), supporting young people on their move from Primary to Secondary School.

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“I liked it and enjoyed it.”


“It helped me make new friends and everyone was so warm and welcoming.”


“I feel more comfortable in different situations.”


“It helped me be more confident to try new things. I learned that it’s ok to make mistakes, the peer mentors really helped me.”


“I have built up my confidence.”


Cooking Lesson


“Lacey has found the confidence to talk to new people and make new friends, this will stick with her for life.”

“He has been more interested in going to school.”

“She knows support is there if she needs it.”

“It prepared her for school lessons and for speaking to new people, especially peers.”

“It has given her the basis to be confident and able to speak her mind.”

“The programme is fab and will always help the less confident children with confidence in their new schools.”

“They have felt reassured that they are all in it together.”

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