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This ... Matters in Leeds & Blackpool - an Update!

Our This Matters programme is reaching its midpoint in both schools in Blackpool and Leeds, which means it’s definitely a good time for a blog update!

This Matters was created as a response to schools facing a variety of social and behavioural issues with the transition from Year 6 into Key Stage 3 in a post covid climate. This bespoke programme began in January 2023 and was piloted at Leeds Coop Academy. It allows schools to discuss with us the common problems the year groups are facing and we then deliver four hourly sessions within the school year, to entire year groups in small groups. The sessions focus on a key skill or characteristic that would help their personal development and help them be successful students and members of the community.  We communicate key messages about the specific topic, whilst also allowing students to complete a creative task demonstrating their understanding of this.  

Since then, we have launched the programme at another partner school, Unity Academy in Blackpool, as well as widening the programme at Leeds to continue supporting the group into Year 8.

In Year 7 common sessions include: Kindness, Gratitude, Resilience and Positive Communication.

In Year 8 common sessions include: Respect, Community, Positive Relationships, Ambitions.

This term, Munji has been delivering Year 7 sessions on Gratitude in both Blackpool and Leeds. She has been so impressed by how reflective the students have been in these sessions and has loved the magnets, keyrings and postcards they have made to show gratitude to people in their lives.

Beth has been continuing with the delivery of Year 8 sessions in Leeds, it has been great for her to build a rapport with students over Year 7 and into Year 8. Her session on Positive Relationships, gave students time to talk about what to expect from others and how behaviour/actions can improve relationships. They created analogies for positive relationships and we had some amazing creative responses.

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