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A Slice Of Positivity PIE from Leeds

We cannot believe our last session of Positivity PIE is coming up this week! At Leeds Coop Academy, a group of 15 Year 9 girls have been on our 6 week programme to develop confidence, resilience and ambition.

In their first session the group were very excited to get started and got stuck into the activities right away. We gave each other compliments to raise self esteem and bond as a team. Teamwork was a skill that we focused on during the entirety of the programme, hoping to improve the way the girls worked together as a group!

The girls also considered the different parts of their identity and what made them unique. We used bracelets to show these off and it was great to see how different each of these were!

One of Munji’s favourite activities with the group was creating vision boards for the future. We made a list of 50 things the girls wanted to do in their lifetime at some point and then used magazines and newspapers to help envision this for the future. There was so much enthusiasm in the room, having the chance to consider all the possibilities for the future and the vision boards turned from a large pile of magazine chaos to excellent resources the girls can use!

A major part of the programme was organising a random act of kindness, focusing on digital and project management skills. The girls chose to focus on homelessness – an issue they thought was prevalent in their community. They decided to make care packages for people, ensuring they didn’t go over their budget and give these out in Leeds City Centre in our final session!

We have loved delivering these sessions to them and Munji is sure she will catch up with them whilst she is in Leeds doing other programmes! Watch this space to hear how their reward trip to Manchester goes and if they manage to tackle the escape room!

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