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This Matters in Leeds & Blackpool

Following the success of our This Matters programme last year at Co-op Academy Leeds, we have continued this into its second year and also began its delivery to Year 7 at Unity Academy Blackpool. Both Munji and Beth really enjoy delivering these sessions! It has been great to continue to watch the Leeds students develop individually and as a community, we look forward to seeing this at Blackpool too.

The aim of the programme is to develop core skills that will contribute to young people being future ready and being part of a harmonious, tolerant and diverse British community. The programme is an important indicator that academic success is not the only indicator of being 'future ready' but character is also key.

The sessions are tailor made for the cohort of young people in front of us, so can vary from school to school. For Year 7, the four core ideas we focus on throughout the year are Kindness, Gratitude, Resilience and Positive Communication. For Year 8, we build on these further through looking at Respect, Community, Positive Relationships and Ambitions.

The interactive and practical nature of the sessions are a huge hit with the young people. Most recently, the Kindness sessions have involved students writing postcards to someone as an act of kindness - showing their gratitude or giving a compliment. Students were also left with a kindness bingo card where they had to complete all the actions to be in with a chance of winning a small prize. It's safe to say that no one in Y8-11 had to open their own door on that day, with a flurry of Year 7s being desperate to tick this off their list!

The Respect session with Year 8 was also just as joyful! The young people were given the task of making a poster about people they respect and, within the swirl of stickers and felt tip pens, some really wholesome and heart felt creations were made! We're sure the parents and carers at home, really appreciated this Autumn pick me up!

We look forward to working with the Year 7 and 8 students at Unity and Coop Academy Leeds to continue to support them with their personal development over the remainder of the school year. If you would be interested to find out more about this programme and get your school involved, please email

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