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Talk to us, grow with us.

The work we do with the Stockport Community Leaders group has been fantastic over the last few months. During the Easter holidays these young people we have been working with gave up a day of their holidays and completed their Community Leaders Certificate.

From working on this they wanted to create a community event. Over 3 sessions following on from this they put into action what they had learnt on the day. They first communicated with the local community by designing and sending out a community questionnaire. They had 99 responses and from looking at these, they decided they wanted to plan an event which brought together the different generations and gave a more positive view of their age group.

After much discussion and debate – talk to us, grow with us was born!

The group planned, budgeted and decided on all the resources they would need. They produced emails for local businesses asking for support – thanks to Morrisons, Bredbury for providing plants for the day as a result of this! They also emailed local primary schools to advertise the day and produced a fantastic digital flyer to promote the day too.

They were given a budget for the event and using this priced all the resources they needed for the day. (They kept well within budget!)

The event took place on Thursday 3rd June and the weather was lovely!

The day was a great success with lots of pots painted and sunflower seeds planted by the younger ones. These will be followed up with a competition running to see who grows the tallest sunflower – goody bag to the winner.

They then involved the ‘older’ generation by using the bedding plants to create planters which are now placed alongside the benches (an idea from a lady on the day) and are cheering up the precinct with flowers.

We all had a fantastic day and the idea of talk to us grow with us in order to bring together the generations and give a more positive view of teenagers/young people certainly proved a real success.

Keep an eye out for our next event!

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