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Summer Activities with PIE!

After a few weeks off school, summer holidays are well and truly underway!

At PIE we've been pretty busy, here's what we've been doing so far:

1. HAF activities in Marple - we are a week and a half in and so far have been out and about exploring Marple, been to watch Elemental with our friends from Start Point, taken part in spray paint activities and completed a number of litter picks in our local community!

2. Start point HAF - We spent time last week working with some of our usual older STUFF group members to work with younger students designing their perfect summer! Watch out for our August issue for some more info about what they did.

3. On Monday we worked with some of last years Step Up young people to train them to be peer mentors for this years cohort. They will be coming along to Blackpool next week to share their experiences of moving to high school with their younger peers.

4. We have been busy establishing our new L!STEN network - a project looking to gather youth voice across Stockport. We’ve been working with a steering group to establish a project identify and pick our priorities for the upcoming year. The group are also busy planning a youth well-being event on Wednesday 30th August! You'll find more information about this on our socials soon...

If you're part of a family looking for some activities to do over the holidays, this article has some great ideas, take a look here:

And there are a few offers at restaurants / cafes for eating out with kids, find out more here:

We hope you continue having a great Summer Holidays!

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