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SEND Short Breaks Guitar sessions

As an organisation PIE has worked with and supported hundreds of young people over the last 4 years. As part of this work, there have been many young people with additional needs who have blossomed and developed both socially and emotionally. PIE has always been an inclusive organisation and we welcomed the opportunity to further this work. We were delighted to receive the go ahead to trial this 12 week music programme designed for neurodivergent young people with additional needs, supported by Stockport Council.

Working with a small group of young people in an environment where they felt safe and supported is as important to them as it is to their support network. We chose to start with guitar lessons as our first activity (led by Lee from Prose); but the main aim has been to build their confidence and then build on this at their own pace allowing them to challenge themselves, make new friends and learn new skills. We have worked at StartPoint Coffee Shop which is a very welcoming space and the chippy has been a real popular choice for our tea!

We have welcomed and encouraged sibling support and/or parental and peer support for these young people whichever they feel more comfortable with. I am delighted to say that they have been so comfortable in the latter weeks of the sessions that parents have been ordered to leave!! We have been able to play and sing to quite a few songs but Oasis and McFly are definitely the songs of choice.

We decided to take a break over August but will be back again in September.

Please contact us if you know someone who may be interested.

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