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PIE Warmth this winter ...

We have had a focus recently on warmth! With the current energy and cost of living crisis it is important to us that we support our PIE community as best we can. Here's a few things we've done:

Warm Spaces Events

We've received funding from the One Stockport Warm & Well Fund to run two events this winter! Concentrating on providing a warm space and a hot meal, we had a Craft and Games Family Day on the 19th November and have another planned for January. Eebryone was welcome to join and our Games day involved hot drinks, craft, soup & Take-home bags. The wonderful Jen Samani was there getting families involved in Christmas Card Making, Wrapping paper design and Tree decorations!

Warm Packs

Our Community Lead Gemma wanted to make sure we were specifically providing direct help to families as soon as possible, so created a Go Fund Me campaign to make up 'Warm Packs' that we can share with a variety of members of our PIE Community. The fund opened in October and raised £500 with thanks to Scott Francis and Christina Maple, for making special donations. Each pack contained blankets, socks and hot water bottles and so far we have given these to over 40 families.

STUFF Magazine

Our STUFF Magazine team have been working hard on their November Issue which will involve lots of tips and ideas for keeping warm this winter - so keep a look out for that very soon too!

Our next Warm Spaces Event will take place in January, we'll put some more information on our social channels before then, make sure you're following us on @pieuksocial and we hope to see you there.

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