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L!STEN Data Drop!

We started our work on the L!STEN Youth Alliance back in May, with sessions starting with young people in June. Since then we have been working hard to set up our steering group, who have helped to establish the alliances identity and brand, organise the wellbeing event and set out the agenda for topics for discussion for the next year.

The Youth Alliance was set up to help gather and share youth voice across Stockport, and we will be aiming to ensure that this knowledge that is gathered is shared with people who can make a real change. We are linking in with key council members, and will be sharing our findings each month with people who can help ensure change is made where needed.

In August we completed our first questionnaire and information gathering, based around the themes of local activities and facilities for young people, and here's what we found!

Our key statistics:

The group then wrote a report using the above key data, and ended by asking the following questions & requested the following actions:

What an amazing start from this youth-voice centered group! We're looking forward to seeing the progress they can make over the next year, and September Questions will be analysed soon!

If you are a young person, or you know a young person, please have a look & answer this month's questions here:

Here's a sneak peek:

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