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Forging gender equality on International Women's Day

Here at PIE, to mark International Women's Day, we wanted to bring together our staff and key partners to mark the occasion. We wanted to show that we are joined together in a common goal, so we chose to share how we all work together to forge gender equality. Everything we do at PIE works towards equality for all, and gender equality is especially prevalent on International Women's Day!

Here's our video showing how each of us are working towards that outcome:

A massive thankyou to everyone involved! We appreciate all your support on this day and all year round.

1. Beth Nunn – PIE Founder and CEO

2. Anna Nunn – PIE Project Worker

3. Naomi Timperley – PIE Director and Business Consultant

4. Caroline Dean – PIE Course Tutor

5. Antony Szmierek – PIE Course Tutor

6. Megan Kirby – Sale Sharks Course Tutor

7. Dan Oliver – Start Point

8. Seamus Mannion – PIE Director and Founder of SENDCode

9. Claire Worthington – Digital Consultant on Wave of Change Programme

10. Susannah Haygarth – PIE Director & English Teacher at Chorlton High School

11. Vic Turnbull – Programme Partner

12. Simone Callaghan – The Goodness Collective

13. Heather Kenny – PIE Non-Executive Director

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