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Easter Random Acts of Kindness

Lots of our groups here at PIE were embracing kindness in the run up to Easter, fulfilling Random Acts of Kindness in all sorts of ways!

Hyde Future Ready Group- Year 9

The students at Hyde decided they wanted to say thanks to their teachers at Easter by creating mini Easter hampers and making Easter thank you cards for them.

The group chose 20 teachers from across the school who they all wanted to thank, and then created goody bags including mugs, stationery and Easter treats! These were then distributed to very happy staff on the last day of term.

Unity Future Ready Group - Year 10 boys

Our boys group at Unity decided they wanted to do something a bit different, and created an Easter egg hunt for students to take part in during break!

They came up with clues that students had to solve and then go to different areas around school to collect chocolate treats and a stamp. Once they had solved all the clues and got all the stamps, they could head back to claim a bigger prize!

They even got the Easter bunny to come along to help dish out prizes! (Thanks to Mr Cooke for sorting out an Easter bunny outfit, and to Junior for wearing it!)

Rayner Stephens

Students at RS decided they wanted to say thanks to members of their community at Easter by creating Easter bundles. They decided to choose one local community person each - some were teachers,teaching assistants, lunchtime supervisors, some people/ family they knew who worked for the NHS and also the local ambulance station.

The group worked out from their budget how much they had to spend and created an Easter bundle containing a large Easter Egg and a bunch of daffodils including a card and wrapped up by them with cellophane and ribbon too. They looked fantastic!

These were then distributed over the next couple of days within school and the local community to very happy and deserving people.

We love how PIE students choose to be kind to people in their lives, staff or community, and want to recognise all of their hard work day to day!

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