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Climbing high with Saturday Culture Club

Saturday 21st May saw another Culture Club activity in full swing! This time we visited Rope Race in Marple, taking 20 children with us from the Stockport area.

Our Community Leaders were keen for us to try an activity that pushed everyone out of their comfort zones and this one certainly did. There was lots of nervous chatter as we waited to get harnessed up. The instructors talked us through the safety equipment, showed us how to get into the harnesses correctly then we partnered up ready to climb. A few of the children were very nervous, but the rest of the children encouraged them by shouting supportive words as they made their way up the wall - a great example of teamwork! Well done guys!

After the main wall, we made our way into the smaller climbing room to cool down on the mini walls, this room has a soft landing which meant no ropes were needed for this wall, we had lots of fun jumping off onto the crash mats.

Some of the children had this to say:

“I can’t believe I climbed so high.”

“I didn’t think I could do it, I can’t believe I got to the top.”

“I got higher than my brother, we’re coming again for round 2 to see who wins!”

A huge thank you to the amazing team at R Time who have funded the Saturday Culture Club events. We’re busy planning our next activity for our final session, visiting Stockport Art Gallery! Contact Gemma for more info:

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