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A piece of Personalised PIE

Did you know that as well as our full programmes, we offer a variety of one day workshops that can be delivered to full year groups! All of these sessions can be personalised to the needs of each school or cohort of students. Find out about some examples of such days below, but please get in touch to discuss personalised programmes for your school.

Longdendale Social Action Sprint

Our most recent personalised PIE day took place last week at Longdendale High School, as part of their Aspirations Day in Year 10. Here's what it looked like:

  • Students had 5 hours to complete a social action project.

  • Each class group were given a separate Sustainable Development goal to focus on, (Gender Equality, Good Health and Wellbeing; Responsible Consumption and Production; Climate Action; Zero Hunger). We chose these as we felt they were most relevant to this age group and this area.

  • We gave them lots of information and key tasks to complete, including creating a key project focus and a brand/ logo for their campaign. The groups spent time planning potential events, creating videos, poster campaigns, and presentations.

  • The resulting campaigns included 'Pre Love', which focussed on responsible consumption, clothes swap events/ 2nd hand clothes fashion show and campaign promoting this. Also, the group working on Gender Equality took their campaign to the Sports department, where the boys designed an event to encourage girls to get involved in football, while the girls planned an event encouraging the boys to take part in Streetdance.

  • The groups will be presenting their work in future PSHE lessons/ assembly.

  • The groups worked fantastically well together to be creative and think outside of the box. Students loved the chance to work for the full day on one extended project, and also enjoyed the flexibility to develop their own projects focussed on their own interests, whilst learning new skills, developing the PIE slices and spending time working with their friends.

  • In this case we linked everything specifically to how they were developing their CV and how they could use this experience in personal statements and college applications.

Hyde Kindness and Gratitude days

During Hyde’s 2 drop down days we were able to teach 2 whole year groups – 7

and 9 but this could be adapted for any year group. We focused on the 4 key ideas of kindness, gratitude, resilience and respect. We talked and shared our thoughts on these and then focussed on thinking about who had really supported us during this academic year.

The students come up with loads of different people from their teachers to teammates

on their sports teams as well as family members too. Each student then wrote a postcard showing gratitude to one person and created a gift for another as many of the students had lots of people that had helped them on their journey! Bracelets with beads are a popular choice, keyrings were also popular followed by badges and bookmarks.

The students all really respond well to this, and many students were clearly sharing their thoughts and gifts throughout the day which encouraged the others to work well throughout the rest of the sessions. More details can be found here!

Transition Workshops Each summer we run transition workshops for the whole of the new Year 7 cohort at Unity Academy in Blackpool as part of their transition programme. These days focus on creating a year group brand, with the opportunity to develop digital, team work and communication skills, whilst working creatively with their new classmates, helping to develop new friendships and confidence ahead of September. More details can be found here!

So that was just a few recent examples of our bespoke Programmes, some slices of personalied PIE! What could we design for you and your needs? Get in touch!

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