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Gratitude & kindness at Hyde Activity Days

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Back at the end of June (30th June/ 1st July), we had 2 very successful days at Hyde with Year 9 and Year 7.

Caroline and Antony taught the whole of both year groups for short sessions - that's a lot of students and a lot of craft! We focused on the 4 key ideas of kindness, gratitude, resilience and respect. We talked and shared our thoughts on these and then focussed on thinking about who had really supported us this academic year. The students came up with loads of different people from their teachers to teammates on their sports teams as well as family members too.

We then wrote a postcard showing gratitude to one person and created a gift for another as many of the students had lots of people that had helped them on their journey. Bracelets with beads were a really popular choice – so popular we ran out! Keyrings were also popular, followed by badges and bookmarks.

The day was extremely well organised and we were really well looked after on both days. Thanks to everyone at Hyde, the students were great and really engaged with the activities in such a positive way. Gratitude & Kindness all the way!

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