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Activity Days at Hyde 2024

Last week Beth, Munji and Ciara got to take part in Hyde High Schools activity days which was very fun and rewarding! Beth and Munji delivered sessions to Year 7 and Year 9 pupils focusing on the importance of mental health, wellbeing and managing your feelings. Ciara assisted with these sessions.

The session started with asking the pupils if anyone has asked them ‘How are you?’ and if they have asked anyone ‘How are you?’. The same pupils who were asked this question were also the pupils who asked someone else this question. This highlighted how kindness is infectious. Beth and Munji emphasised the importance of really listening to people when you ask them how they are and to not be distracted as people may need your support.

Beth and Munji then took the pupils through what managing their feelings means and how they can do this, highlighting that managing your feelings does not mean you are happy all the time but it means you understand how you feel and what to do about it before you react. The pupils learnt how this can have a positive effect on the relationships they have with people. Pupils learnt that if they are able to manage their feelings this will have a positive effect on their mental health. The pupils also got a chance to connect the type of actions themselves or others would display when feeling certain emotions.

Then pupils got a chance to make reaction reminders! They had the option of creating a postcard, bookmark, coaster or keyring for themselves or someone important to them which reminded them how to manage feelings and inspire them when they need it. They got to use some positive inspirational stickers to decorate their reaction reminder and we some pupils thought of some very catchy and inspiring slogans such as ‘If in doubt, sleep it out’ and ‘Don’t have a good day, have a great day!’. Both Year 7 and Year 9 pupils were very creative and got stuck into the exercise which was great to see! It was lovely to see pupils making inspirational cards for themselves, letting themselves know its okay to feel negative sometimes but reminding themselves they are great.

Towards the end of the session, the form groups got to work as a team to create an inspiring

wellbeing poster for their form room with help from the PIE staff and their form tutor. They

decorated the poster with inspirational quotes, caring questions and inspirational wellbeing stickers.

It was great to see forms working together to create something so positive and meaningful and something that they will see everyday which normalises emotions and reminds them how to manage their emotions.

Very successful two days at Hyde High School – the PIE staff can’t wait to come back!

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