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Welcome to Saturday Culture Club

We are pleased to say we have launched a new project - the Saturday Culture Club! Working with our Young Community Leaders Group and based at Startpoint Cafe, the aim of this project will be to allow this group of young people to plan and then run projects and experiences that they would benefit from. The club will run once a month, and will involve the group meeting to complete activities, undertake some planning, and then having the chance to go on one visit/ cultural experience per month for four months.

At their first meeting, the group were given their budget and they came with ideas of what they think young people would like to do or experience in the Stockport area. Their choice for the first event was a Marple Cinema Visit! They then planned, budgeted, advertised and organised the event. With the remaining budget they created 5 Golden Tickets! These were placed under random seats where 5 lucky young people got a Smiggle bundle of goodies - what a fantastic idea!

This event was a great success with nearly 40 young people attending! We welcomed children from all over Stockport, we sang, we danced in the aisles, found surprises under our seats and ate lots of tasty treats!

We're so proud to be able to work alongside our community leaders, putting together events that children may otherwise not experience. Watch out for event 2, which is in the planning stages and will take place on 19th March.

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