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Wave of Celebration - Up first, Beth (2)

Each day we will bring you someone's highlights! Today it's our founder Beth's turn:

My highlight of the day was seeing two women running a session, who would not previously have had the confidence to do it! All of the women who helped run the event pushed themselves outside of their comfort zones and it was amazing to watch them flourish throughout the day.

It was also just great to see so many smiling faces of a group of women who we have supported over the past two years. I described it to someone as it being like when you host a party and seeing all of your different groups of friends and family in one room together - really bizarre but also fills your heart with happiness!

I also kind of loved that so many women couldn't come because they were working!

Wave of Change means community to me - I am so proud of the community we have created and the connections and progress that we have helped these women to make. That stretches beyond the sessions and calls, and we are still regularly in contact with so many of the women who have taken part. I hope it will keep growing as a community and that we can continue to support these women, and allow them to support each other.

Come back tomorrow to hear from Simone, the co-founder of the Wave of Change Programme...

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