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Wave of Celebration - Enter Simone (3)

Today it's Simone's turn! Simone is the founder of Goodness Collective and has run the programme with Beth & PIE from Day 1.

My personal highlight of the day was seeing the smiles on the women’s faces and the energy and level of connection in the room. Watching women who were too nervous to come out of their homes or even switch a screen on the zoom calls when we met them, doing power poses, strutting their stuff down the stairs, singing their hearts out, dancing on the steps of the Art Gallery not caring what anyone passing thought – well those moments might just stay with me forever! I feel so proud to have been part of something so powerful and it’s proven to me that the concept of giving women time, space and encouragement really is all we need to see huge positive change.

Wave of Change has been a huge part of my life for the past 2 years and has given Beth and I as much back as the women have gained. I’m looking forward to taking some time to reassess how we take our Wave of Change programme forward into the future and reach even more women. Its important to me with our projects that we leave a legacy behind and supporting these women to become champions for other women is high on my priority list. We want to keep the wave going and watch the ripples reach further than just the 130 women we’ve been able to engage through the project. I’m excited to see where that thinking takes us!

Catch us tomorrow as we hear from our collaborators!

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