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Wave of Celebration - Amazing Collaborators (4)

Today we are going to hear from some of our wonderful collaborators!

Jen Samani - Jen has run many craft workshops with our Wave of Change participants.

Claire Worthington - Claire runs the digital element of the programme, and has supported lots of our wavers to gain confidence with their digital skills.

Gemma Piper - Gemma works for PIE as our Community Lead, while also running her own enterprise (Pretty Tough Things). She has run various workshops with Wavers.

Nadia Khan - Virtual Assistant, supporting workshops with Wave of Change & Simone.

Jen: My highlight of the day was the amazing energy and positive vibes. The energy was really tangible all day! It really was a wonderful celebration of 7 amazing waves and the coming together of a beautiful, supportive community of women. Also though, the day felt exciting aswell , it felt like the start of great things too. I felt like I was witnessing something phenomenal right there, in the smiles, in the energy, in the dancing, in the party (brought by Ailsa McPhee and magnified by all the wavers and attendees), in the beautiful food, in the decorations, cakes and goody bags, in the activities, in the awesome conversations, in the speeches, I could sense a powerful message of strength, of community, and of what next?…

Claire: My highlight was seeing ladies from all seven programmes all together!

Gemma: The positivity and feel-good atmosphere throughout the day. It was incredible to be part of the team putting the event together.

Nadia: The highlight of the day for me was seeing how many ladies came to the event and seeing how happy they were, enjoying, laughing and chatting away!

Jen: The Wave of Change has meant to me SUPPORT- the wave will embrace you and carry you when you need it to. It has meant EMPOWERMENT- the wave will push you forward and give you momentum when you are ready for it to. And it has meant BELONGING- You are part of the wave, and part of the change. The wave could not be as great or the change be as powerful, without us all.

Claire: This programme gave me the opportunity to get to know over 100 amazing ladies from all over Stockport. Ladies that needed a lot of help to take part in a zoom call are now confidently doing things online. It has been amazing to see the changes that some of them have gone through and to know that I played a part in that!

Gemma: Wave of Change has been incredible to be a part of, the support and empowerment of women working together is very special and something we need more of.

Nadia: For me, Wave of Change meant rediscovering myself and my ambitions and dreams. I built confidence that I had lost over the years, the programme helped me to be the person I am today. Through the workshops and one-to-one mentoring, Wave of Change has changed my life.

Our final installment tomorrow is all about the women who took part in the programme and played a part in the celebration!

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