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Walking Wavers

We have a new women's walking group! Funded by Greater Sport, we will be completing six walks between now and the summer at various locations in Stockport. The different walks will feature different other local women helping to showcase their work and support others during the walk. The group will put together fact sheets about each walk to be shared across Stockport and put together as a 'Walks of Stockport' leaflet ahead of the summer holidays.

Our first walk took place on Monday 17th April at Vernon Park. We were joined by a group of women who were keen to connect and enjoy some time with like minded people. Many had been on Wave of Change programme - it was great to reconnect and see where people were up to!

We explored the gardens (and hills!) of Vernon Park and the round loop and different things to explore in Woodbank Park, as the two parks are joined.

Woodbank Memorial Park is home to both Woodbank Hall & Woodbank Community Food Hub. Woodbank Hall was the home of local industrialist Peter Marsland before being donated to Stockport Borough in 1921. We explored the deserted house and thought about what we would use the space for, as a great inspiration for ghost stories & other imaginative play.

Woodbank Community Food Hub is an urban horticulture hub co-ordinated by the Kindling Trust, that joins up inclusive community gardening with commercial organic food production. They had a great selection of plants! After a quick visit here, we went on to spend time discussing the different activities we could do if we visited the parks again with family members, from scavenger hunts to ice cream!

Beth said 'It has been great to connect with women from our previous programmes and offer them another way to connect with each other, whilst exploring our local area, getting some fresh air and exercise, and making time for themselves. We are excited to see how the programme develops and hopefully connect with a whole new group of women in Stockport.'

Gemma said 'I'm thrilled to be a part of Walking Wavers. Never underestimate the power of fresh air and a good chat. I’m looking forward to connecting with the ladies of Stockport over the next few months.'

We finished the walk with a brew & cake and smiles on our faces! See below for the dates for the next walks, book on the link here.

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