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Updates from Unity!

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Caroline has been continuing to work on two projects at Unity Academy, Blackpool. This half term both groups have been focussing on social action.

We started by reflecting on work we had done on the Sustainable Development Goals before Christmas and which of those was most important to them and why. This had created quite animated debate amongst the groups so it was a really good starting point for their projects. Building on this we then thought about which issues were important to them currently - we had lots of issues from homelessness to obesity. We then narrowed these issues down to the ones that were the most important to the groups as a whole and issues they felt they could actually do something about.

The issues chosen were the cost of living crisis for the girls and crime in Blackpool for the boys. Next they had to come up with a name/brand for their campaigns.

Over the last couple of weeks we have looked at designing a logo (even their drafts are much better than on The Apprentice!!), a slogan and using social media to promote their projects. This involves thinking carefully about logo design - what they want/need to include - colours, font etc. They have been given the choice of hand drawn or digital logos using ProCreate and Canva on the iPads.

With social media they are thinking about which platforms to use, target markets, what draws people to social media posts etc. all to ensure they get the best results for their campaigns.

The girls group are Unity Fresh. They feel one of the biggest issues around the cost of living crisis is being hungry but still trying to eat healthily. They are planning to create one or two actual Unity Fresh box meals to go out to families which really need this. They are also creating a recipe booklet of cheap yet healthy/fresh meals too.

The boys group - The Rapscallion Repellers. One of the biggest issues they have identified is bike crime in their area with many of them having experienced it as well as the rise in people carrying knives. So they are thinking about 2 things at the moment - potentially a guide to where you should and shouldn't leave your bike as well as some general bike safety tips - lock types etc and then also thinking about knife crime but not got too far with that as yet.

Caroline says, "The groups are doing really well - the girls are really organised and focused - already in sub groups with different tasks. The boys do a lot of talking and debating and have great ideas but harder to get them to fully focus on the task in hand - but we are getting there! All the students are great to work with, have some great ideas and views which they are not afraid to share and are really enthusiastic about the work we are doing."

The boys group went on their visit to Manchester on Tuesday 7th Feb, you may have spotted them on our socials here, where they had an amazing opportunity to tour Granada studios!

We travelled on the train to Manchester, had a Greggs breakfast and then on the tram to Media City. We had a quick tour of the area and then into the studio where we were given an amazing experience by Gamal Fahnbulleh and the team at Granada news - we had a go at reading the news at the actual news desk as well as having a go at the weather forecast - which is way harder than it looks!!

They were able to talk to camera and outside broadcast specialists, videographers, sound engineers, production team and directors and all this culminated in watching and being in the production area for the live lunchtime bulletin on the day.

Everyone on the Granada news team could not have been more welcoming all taking the time to talk to the boys and answer their questions even as just about to go live.

What an amazing experience for everyone and really opened the boys eyes into the massive range of employment opportunities in a news studio and the media city area.

The girls' visit should have been last week but unfortunately the train strike scuppered that - we are still trying to rearrange a new date for this.

It looks like both groups are storming ahead with their social action - well done everyone! We look forward to another update soon...

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