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Turn Halloween Horror into Half Term Heaven.

So how on earth did they do that?

The young people we work with never cease to amaze us and the Stockport group is a great example of this as they continue to be awesome Community Leaders!

Since Easter they have been putting into action their work from their community questionnaire which led to them wanting to bring together the different generations and give a more positive view of their own age group! After their Talk with Us, Grow with Us event in June ( they wanted to build on the success of this event and continue with this challenge.

Over 4 sessions they evaluated their last event and then based on this they decided to create another community event. They wanted to attract more of the older generation to this event and so they carried out some research into what they thought would appeal to them.

From this, and after much discussion, debate and chippy tea, the idea of a board game tournament was born.

The group planned, budgeted and decided on all the resources they would need. They produced emails to let people know the event was happening, researching and producing a list of places to target for their advertising campaign including local churches, primary schools and care homes. They also produced a fantastic digital flyer to promote the day too.

They were given a budget for the event and using this priced and sourced all the resources they needed for the day. (They kept well within budget!)

Despite a late change of venue – which they coped with admirably- the Board Game Tournament took place on Wednesday 27th October 2021. The day was a great success with lots of games played – Hungry Hippos was very popular with the younger ones and Buckaroo for the older generations but the choice of games worked really well showing their research and planning was worthwhile.

We all had a fantastic day and the idea of using board games in order to bring together the generations and give a more positive view of teenagers/young people certainly proved a real success.

Keep an eye out for our next event...

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