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The Big Lockdown Event

As we watch young people across the country head back to school after their extended break, we can't help but reflect on the amazing work we have seen them produce during their 'time off'.

Back in the summer, we worked with a group of young people in Stockport to run a remote community event to help bring members of their community together whilst we were still in lockdown.

After building our team of superstars, we ran Zoom sessions to plan the activities. This included the students coming up with ideas for a ‘virtual’ event, and making decisions about how it would be run, and what activities it would include. They came up with a number of activities based on their own interests, speaking to their friends and younger siblings, and by coming up with different options which they then put on to a Facebook poll for people within their community to vote on.

They then chose a number of different activities and ‘events’ to run. They decided they wanted to keep things simple and have activities that as many people could take part in as possible. The activities they chose to run were: - Sock puppet kits - Printed paper activities including colouring sheets, word searches and quizzes all designed by themselves. - Online competitions including a ‘Star Jump Challenge’ that involved posting a video of how many star jumps people could do in 30 seconds, and creating something from a cereal box to win a months supply of cereal. - Afternoon tea for the whole family to be won for as may families to enjoy together as possible. - Sweet cones to give out in their local communities

The different activities were posted online over a two week period, with a final ‘event day’ running on Friday 10th July. This was the day when all of the competitions entries had to be submitted, and when the afternoon teas were distributed to members of the public. All information about the events, and entries had to be submitted to a Facebook event page.

The young people then chose the winners of each activity the following week and prizes were then dished out!

During the event, the young people provided activities, resources and treats for 46 different families in the Stockport area! Not only did they help others, but they also helped develop their own skills, empathy and communities.

What did people have to say?

“I really enjoyed the online event and ire wally gave me something to work on instead of school work. It was something fun to do and even nicer that we got to do something for other people. I really liked the group and enjoyed the Zoom sessions with Beth to organise. We also made a what’s app group to help us sort things out and then we would all mess about on the group chat which was really fun and gave me a new group of friends. It was really funny. I also think it’s crazy how we were all stuck at home but still being productive and working together as a group – it really changed my life helping others.” “Helping run this event gave me lots more confidence, and if we had not had the chance to run this event I would not be where I am today.”

“The event gave my kids something to get involved with during a time when we were shielding. It was great to have the deliveries and the children loved that the activities had all been made by other young people.”

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