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That Time We Went Global...

As a primary teacher, with a daughter in reception, when we first heard that schools were closing I wasn’t too horrified … oh, how I laugh at pre-lockdown me!

I wanted to get something down on paper before the official start, just a few games/activities for each day and a loose timetable. I tentatively got in touch with a few other friends who I knew were in the same boat and starting emailing plans around. Then Beth suggested we post them online too for any of our PIE friends who wanted some ideas for little ones. One morning (about a week and a half in) I woke up to news from Beth that a friend in Australia had been trying our activities and her kids loved them! My heart swelled! So that has been our journey this last two weeks and we are basically global superstars now (HAHA!).

Here are a few highlights:

-Watching her eyes light up when she knows I’ve prepared a game! The novelty will no doubt wear off soon but so far so good.

· Doing as many activities outside as possible to minimise mess, plus keeps the toddler occupied too.

· The Number Thief game has been a big hit – I’ve seen a few variations too which is great, and my daughter later invented her own version!

· Great idea from a friend here about adding chocolate coins for the Coin Game.

· A few of these have been played in parallel with friends, it’s really added a motivator for all kids involved!

And a few lowlights:

· I quickly resolved not to do every activity every day – I think we sacked off all the activities on the first Wednesday to do some baking and ride bikes. Other days have revolved a lot around TV. That’s fine too. We’re all just coping here!

· Sometimes it feels personal, if the kids don’t respond to the game or just have zero interest in anything. I’m trying not to take it that way but some days it’s just tough.

· As much as I love watching Joe Wicks’ workouts (!) my kids are not massively interested, so I’m mainly just barking at them to join in. A friend recommended Cosmic Yoga and there’s always a good old-fashioned walk instead?

If you are interested in looking at the planning and games I’ve put together you can find them here.

I’ve mapped out a Maths and English activity for each day, plus a themed activity involving science/art/play. We’ve seen kids getting involved from age 2-8! So there really is flexibility here. It’s a combination of my own ideas and ideas from @fiveminutemum, @beckys_treasure_baskets, and, so if you follow them or have a log in you will see some familiar games and ideas!

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