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Support for students during school closures

To support our students, parents and partners during school closures, we will be launching daily online tasks to help support students during this time.

This will involve releasing daily activities that link to our five 'slices'.

Monday = Communication

Tuesday = Digital

Wednesday = Project Management

Thursday = Community

Friday = Cultural Capital

We will release these each day on the new section of our website 'Online Resources - Covid 19'. The documents for the tasks will be saved within the area for that days slice. We will also share the link daily on social media channels and within our news section.

If you have any questions about any of the tasks, please do not hesitate to contact us on We would also love to see completed work and photos of students completing the tasks - again please email these or share them by tagging us in social media @pieuksocial (Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram).

There will also be some competitions running throughout this time rewarding some of the best work completed by young people. More details to follow!

Please also let us have any feedback, or any ideas for tasks you would like to see put together in future weeks.

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