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STUFF Magazine is back!

After finishing the first year of the STUFF magazine project, run in collaboration with SP and funded by the Ragdoll Foundation, we took January off from the project to reflect on Year 1 and plan for Year 2.

The aim of the project is to give young people a voice within their community, whilst also giving them the chance to explore and develop new creative activities which they will use within the monthly magazine to make sure the publication is showcasing creative work of young people in Stockport. We will be working with different local artists and creatives this year to help develop a range of different creative skills - including Jen Samani, Plastic Shed and Antony Szmeriek.

We had a planning meeting with our older students in January, planning our monthly themes for 2023 and assigning editorial roles for young people to ensure they are developing their leadership skills further during Year 2 of the project.

February's theme is Love - focussing on things they love about others, how to love themselves and what they love about their community.

This month we had one usual Thursday night session, and then ran an extended session during the half term holiday which was supported by Saz Media, who ran a photography walk focussing on capturing things they love about their local community. The photos will also go into an exhibition for the Extra-ordinary project by Gwen Riley Jones, inspired by Heidi Alexander who photographed Stockport and has an exhibition in the town centre.

Next month is going to be all about International Women's Day and World Book Day - we will be celebrating our favourite books and local female role models. The young people next month want to spend time developing their drawing skills - and will be working with local artist Jen Samani to turn photographs into their own drawings or paintings. We can't wait to see what they create!

Here's the February Edition!

Find our past editions of STUFF Magazine on the blog here:

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