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Sprinting in Leeds

On Friday 28th April we ran a Social Action Sprint event for the whole of Year 8 at Coop Academy Leeds. We worked with all six forms to complete a social action project over six hours, focussing on a specific sustainable development goal. It was no mean feat, but the students did fantastically!

Each form either had 'climate action' , 'gender equality' or 'zero hunger' to focus on, and they were provided with key information and given a series of challenges to complete over the day. These included creating a brand and logo, designing merchandise (including t-shirts, keyrings, magnets, badges and baseball caps), producing a stop motion film and writing letters and speeches to their headteacher and local MPs to help raise awareness of their campaign.

At the end of the day all six groups presented their work back to whole year group, with some fantastic presentations from each group. It was great to see the work students had completed in a short amount of time and even better to see so many young people push themselves out of their comfort zone to get up and present. There were a number of speakers who were extremely nervous but did themselves proud!

The winning group designed a campaign entitled 'Zero Hunger Games' and incorporated memorable links to the book/ film franchise that made it really stick in the judges heads. We will be running another social action sprint at Coop Academy Leeds with Year 9 students at the end of this month and we can't wait!

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