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Spring Term in Numbers at PIE

The Spring term has been a busy one at PIE (as always!). We think you'll agree the following numbers look great:

From a school perspective it’s where our longer school programmes reach their half way point, our 6 week projects are delivered and our Summer transition planning begins. Community wise it’s been a term full of a variety of events, continuing our longstanding women’s programme and beginning/continuing some large scale projects integrating both school and community settings.

Some of the highlights of this term have included:

  • Our HAF events all the way at the beginning of January, the tour of Old Trafford and the Peter Pan pantomime were such a hit with the young people!

  • The L!STEN Youth Summit which brought together secondary schools, colleges and councillors at Stockport Town Hall. We loved every part of organising this event, including going into every school and allowing young people a variety of ways to get their voice heard!

  • Stockport DigiFest 2024 - There were so many events we could signpost young people to in February that helped build their digital skills. Our own DigiFest event was a huge success and something we’re really proud of! There were practical skill building elements, as well as speed networking with digital experts.

  • Munji has loved delivering our new Diversity PIE Pilot Programme in Leeds. Diversity and inclusion is something she is really passionate about and it has been amazing to see students become more open minded and embrace their own diversity over the 6 weeks.

  • The International Womens’ Day Event run by our Wave of Change group. This was a beautiful celebration of our groups talents and strengths, which included art, workshops and food. We loved how proud the group were of their achievements and how successful the event was.

  • Attending the MMU Q-Step 10 year celebrations - Ciara attended this event on behalf of PIE talking about all things placement! We love how she was originally a placement student but now has a full time position with us!

  • Our Reclaim Your Life sessions have been delivered to two different groups of young refugees in Stockport. These evenings have been so rewarding and the feedback from young people has shown it has been a really worthwhile project.

  • The Enrichment Partnerships Pilot Project in Tameside has launched this term and it is something the team are really excited about. Helping schools to improve student’s access to quality enrichment activities will benefit young people so much and we are delighted to have an important part in this!

  • The Manchester School Visits from Leeds and Blackpool have been Munji’s personal highlight. It has been great to get students out of their comfort zone, into a new city and give them experiences that build that all important cultural capital.

We can't wait to see what next term brings!

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