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Something a little digitally different...

Back in April we ran a six week programme doing something a little different! It was a Digital Literacy Course aimed at adults and we worked in collaboration with our friends at Starting Point. Funded by Hill Dickinson, it was designed and planned to work with adults on their literacy and digital skills in equal measure. On the literacy side we covered topics such as punctuation use and the difference between formal, informal and online language. For the digital skills we worked on developing confidence around a range of digital skills that people need both in day-to-day life, and when searching for employment.

This one was delivered by our frequent associate Antony Szmierek and he had this to say about it:

"My role in the programme encompassed the 'literacy' side of things, hoping to correct common misconceptions in terms of grammar and expression but in a hopefully un-patronising and approachable way. The group quickly bonded on common ground, discussing not only digital literacy but fears about returning to work after the pandemic and listening to each other vent, providing a genuine safe space."

Taking care of the digital side was Ryan McMurdo, Training Officer at Starting Point Community Learning Partnership. He has since provided further support to a number of participants, and would confidently say that participants made progress as a result of the programme.

We are so pleased that this project was successful, and proud to enable a ‘genuine safe space’ and provide further support for this group. This was a pilot project of sorts, so we look forward to evaluating and planning ahead for more programmes of this kind. Well done to everyone who took part!

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