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Reclaim your Life with Munji

Earlier this year we received funding from GMCVO to conduct some health and wellbeing workshops with two small groups of teenagers. We chose to target teenagers who are currently living in temporary accommodation in Stockport hotels. It was my first solo community project and some of my favourite evenings at PIE so far!

The course was named Reclaim your Life and was based off Dr Chris William’s book – which is full of exercises designed to help overcome long term conditions people face.

Each week meant a new discussion with the group of young people and gave them a safe space to share their feelings, thoughts and worries. We discussed anxiety, overworking and feeling helpless to name a few and shared a meal together at the end of the session. As it was Ramadan at the time, this meant that some young people chose to break their fast with us, which made it even more special!

At each session I gave the young people a chance to explore creativity as a means of aiding their mental health and wellbeing. We played board games (they were all so good at Jenga), card games, designed t-shirts, created pencil cases and painted canvases. How amazing is the one drawn by Stacey below!

We have to say a big thankyou to Elaine from Stockport Council who helped us organise both courses and supported the delivery of every session we conducted. The four sessions went by too quickly and I can’t wait to work with these amazing young people again!

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