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PIE went to Blackpool!

Here at PIE, we have just about recovered from our half term adventure. We took 22 children and 6 adults to sunny Blackpool!

We met bright and early at Stockport train station ready to start our journey. The first stop on our packed agenda? Madame Tussaud’s to hang out with the celebrities! Our founder Beth was beyond excited to get her hands on the Strictly Come Dancing Trophy and walk down those famous stairs! The children enjoyed having pictures with stars from I’m a Celebrity, Coronation Street, The Royal Family to name a few.

We were then due to head to Blackpool tower but due to the high winds it was closed (boooo), luckily we can use those tickets again so another trip is being planned! Hooray! After all that celeb-spotting it was time for a well-deserved fish and chip lunch break, the food was delicious.

After lunch, we headed to the arcades, each child was given a money allowance to use however they wanted. The claw machines were a big hit as well as the 2p machines, we had some big ticket winners on those! Well done guys!

Later, when we headed onto the pier for some fun on the rides, the Dodgems were a huge hit! Some of the braver children (and adults) ventured on to the waltzers. We don’t understand how they don’t get dizzy??

By this time Blackpool lights were lit up and looking absolutely beautiful. We walked along side the beach through the lights on our way back to the station, stopping for pictures and of course, candy floss (Sorry parents!).

Finally, we invaded Sainsbury’s for a picnic tea to have on the train ride home. A big shout out to our children with their incredible packing skills at the check outs, thank you guys.

It was a wonderful way to spend the day, with some truly incredible children from all walks of life in the Stockport area. The children, many of whom hadn’t met before, all looked out for each other, worked together in their groups and were just a complete joy to be around from start to finish. One of our superstars overcame multiple boundaries on the trip, turning some fears and anxieties about the trip into positive relationship building with the group and smiles all day. Despite some challenges brought on by ASD, he benefited massively from the day out, loved being independent when appropriate, and made the most of his trip

A few words from our children:

“Today has been the best day ever, my highlight was the train ride. I love trains.”

“Blackpool is so awesome, thank you for taking us.”

“The pier was so, so cool.”

“I loved meeting new people.”

“Can we come again, tomorrow?”

Plans are already in motion for our spring trip, watch out Blackpool we’ll be back!

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