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PIE Community Champions at All Saints

Last week saw the very first PIE Primary session take place at All Saints Primary School, Marple!

Our Community Champions Programme got over 30 children involved in packing bags and helping others within their community. The session was run by Anna (casually getting back into teacher mode!) & Gemma, with Millie and our Student Maisie providing excellent packing and organising support. We looked at the idea of wellbeing, and how it can look and feel different for every person. There is a special type of wellbeing when you are doing things to help & support others in your community, and our way of achieving this with our community champions was to pack some bags to give to others.

We had Warm Packs, Grocery Cupboard Essentials & Activity bags all prepared to pack and distribute to families who need extra support over the winter and Christmas break. The children were crowned champions after the session and received badges and certificates to show their achievements!

The resources were bought with a combination of funding for our Christmas HAF Programme and a fundraiser organised by our Community Lead Gemma. She had this to say: PIE Primary may well be my highlight of 2022. Seeing younger pupils engage fully with the project, and gain an understanding of how important community work and social action are was incredible. Watch this space for more PIE Primary!

Well done to all those involved and remember; it feels good to do good!

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