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More Action Ready students at Connell!

We have been working with Connell students on another Action Ready programme. This has had a specific focus on ensuring that students are linking their experiences to their next steps, including UCAS applications and apprenticeships.

As part of this programme students have been planning, budgeting and digitally designing social action projects. These projects have been on a huge range of topics from British Sign Language in College to Mental Health issues!

It has been fantastic to see the young people putting into action something they really care about and it has been amazing to see them really keen to carry out social action as they have seen the results from some of our social action projects which have taken place in Connell over the last few months. This has meant they can see how their voices can be heard and that social action can make a real difference. When we started the programme they always thought there was nothing they could do about it or by asking 'what good can we do we’re only 6th formers?!'

We are over the moon to see this success having an impact and social action in the community working! In the Year 12 cohort, groups focused on a variety of issues:

Two groups focussed on mental health and wellbeing – one looking at providing affirmative posts on Instagram and the other focussing on perhaps setting up a peer support group within college. Both of these ideas are in progress and the latter has been taken to the student council to be looked at in further detail and think about the options for this to be a possibility.

One group focused on a prayer room as with the many changes at Connell as it expands a set room has not been available. We are delighted to say that since this social action project was completed – a set prayer room is now back in place!

The majority of issues the students wanted to take social action on have highlighted how much lockdown has impacted on the students in terms of social mobility and opportunities for young people both a key part of our Action Ready programme.

All students who took part received a certificate of completion and the best projects also received a champions certificate and an Amazon voucher prize.

This programme gives the students of Connell fantastic experiences to share with universities and employers of the future, while improving their own social responsibility no end. We can’t wait to work at Connell again and would love to work with other colleges on this programme too!

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