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MMU Student Reflections

We thought we'd end the year with a few reflections, this week it's time to hear from our students from MMU, Maisie & Ciara!


I have had a great time working with PIE these past months! I have been included in many different events and have got a clear idea of what this amazing company does. Gaining experience within a school from helping Caroline with the social action project at Rayner Stephens has been very interesting and to see the impact that these social action projects have on young people is eye-opening as it shows young people not only engaging with education but with social topics such as Homelessness, Bullying, and Kindness. I was very proud to be part of this project especially on HACK DAY when the students really showed their care for these topics through presentations, songs, and crafts. I have also been

involved with the Warm Spaces project which was great as I got to see PIE really helping the community and showing great care for others and it was a fun Saturday 😊. I have really enjoyed my time with PIE these past few months and I can’t wait to be involved in more projects with such a great team of people!


Working with PIE for the past couple of months has provided me with an invaluable amount

of experience and knowledge into how their programmes run and how they help those who

use them. From carrying out placement at Hyde High School once a week to helping out at

events/programmes, I’ve been fortunate enough to see how and why PIE run the

programmes they do – to not only help children and young people gain skills that they can

apply in their lives beyond school but also to make a difference in helping and supporting

families that are in need. This was clear when helping out at their warm spaces day and also

when assisting in a primary school encouraging the children to make warm packs, food

packs and activity packs for those who need it most. This not only helps the families who will

receive the packs but also gives the kids helping out a perspective on those less fortunate.

The placement at Hyde watching the students complete their social action projects has also

given me experience that I can apply in my future teaching career, which is something I’m

extremely grateful for. I look forward to continuing my placement with PIE after Christmas

to see what new skills and knowledge I may learn from them.

Big thanks to Ciara & Maisie for sending over their thoughts, and for all your contributions over the last few months - we've been working you hard and you've both stepped up for PIE!

Keep a look out over the next few weeks for more reflections from the PIE team...

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