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Inspiring Women

Just before Christmas we were very proud to discover that not one, but two of our directors were to feature at the She Inspires Awards! Both our founder and CEO Beth Nunn, and our Finance Secretary Susannah Haygarth were finalists in the Women in Education Award category, with Beth going on to win the award! Announced on the 18th December 2020, Beth is awaiting delivery of the award from Emmerdale’s own Kelvin Fletcher.

The She Inspires Awards ‘celebrate the huge wealth of outstanding contributions women have made to Bolton and wider North West region. It’s a night of celebration and achievements of women from all walks of life in our diverse and thriving community, showcasing extraordinary examples of courage, triumph, kindness, compassion, transformation, skill and success.’ The event has been running for six years, and prides itself on its recognition of women who ‘have gone above and beyond in the course of their work, service and passions’. So as a social enterprise, mainly run and delivered by women, we couldn’t be prouder!

On winning the award, Beth said, “I couldn’t be more thrilled to be recognised for the work that PIE do within the education sector. 2020 has been a tough year for everyone, and I am so proud of the work we have continued to do throughout the pandemic both with schools, and the community. Education has never been more important, and ensuring young people have been supported both in formal and informal settings has been something we have been honoured to be a part of.”

Social impact is a theme through much of our work, and a vital piece of our PIE (excuse the pun!) and as winners of this award we are offered the chance to ‘grow and share our opportunities with others in the community’; each award winner will be expected to commit some hours to one of the chosen charities. This contributes to 100 hours service to the region, and this additional aspect of the Awards maximises its inspiration and commitment to the community like no other Awards process.

For further info please check out the Inspire Awards website:

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