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Have you tried 'Positivity PIE'?

Here at PIE we do lots of work on positivity with our students, so with funding from Life Leisure’s RTime fund, we ran our new ‘Positivity PIE’ programme for 10 girls at Harrytown. Caroline ran the programme after school on a Tuesday for 8 weeks.

During the sessions, students had the opportunity to develop their own confidence and positive mindset during sessions – we looked at their personalities through taking a personality test which was great fun. It is always amusing to see how they think they are not that personality then their friend tells them they are!

We then thought about their vision by creating vision boards for their futures – no barriers, how would they live their best lives! This ended up taking 2 sessions as they were so creative and enjoyed this so much.

Next we spent time thinking and discussing positive female role models – this created some lively debate which was great to see as it showed their confidence in expressing their opinions and reasoning growing. The girls then were particularly keen to talk about their positive female role models which were often members of their own family or local community which was really interesting and led us on to thinking about our community event. The girls planned, budgeted and created some random acts of kindness which they then delivered to many people – including members of the school and local community.

Unfortunately, then the bubble burst (sound familiar?!) and we had to cancel one session and the final session on self-care they couldn’t all attend. But we had a great time thinking about self-care and well-being to complete the programme. To reward them for all their hard work they received well-being boxes from Gemma (@ Pretty Tough Things) which they loved and were able to put into practise many of the things we had talked about in the last session.

Caroline said, "I have loved working with this group of girls and watching their confidence grow. Lindsay (their Head Of Year) said she had seen their confidence grow in other situations around school too which was fantastic."

In the words of one student, "This programme will help me in the future, when I feel I can't do something I just have to remember all those inspiring women we learned about and remember anything is possible!". We couldn't put it better ourselves!

Well done Harrytown, we really enjoyed this programme and we look forward to sharing more 'Positivity PIE' with you all soon!

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