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Hanging out at Hyde

We have been really busy over the last few weeks - and have particularly been spending a lot of time over in Tameside at Hyde High School!

Hyde are one of our key partner schools who we have worked closely with since 2018. We wanted to spend this weeks blog putting a little bit of a spotlight on all of the work we have been doing over there recently!

Year 10 Future Ready programme

We have been working with this group since February - partly funded by GMP High Sherriff Trust. This group have spent time completing the iDEA Award, completing Random Acts of Kindness AND completing a Social Action Campaign about Mental Health (Mental Health and Beyond! Follow them on Instagram - @hydemhbeyond )

We had been planning a Wellbeing Event for Year 10 students ahead of joining Year 11 but this has had to be rearranged due to teacher strikes - we're hoping to hold this in September- watch this space!

They chose to focus their Random Acts of Kindness on saying thank you to teachers - they put together hampers for each staff room in school with thank you notes and lots of treats! We gave those out last week of term when GCSE exams had kicked in and staff were really grateful - we had lots of lovely feedback from staff and students felt great about what they had done.

We had a really successful Careers event in May - we welcomed 13 speakers, including people from MIC Media, Juice Academy and WeDo Finance to name a few. This event was for our Future Ready cohort and 30 other Year 10 students. They got to find out all about a variety of careers (with a focus on digital and business) whilst taking part in a Speed Networking session.

Our end of programme trip saw us visit Manchester city centre where we had a walking tour of the city visiting different business districts and learning about opportunities in Manchester. We visited DiSH Manchester (GM Digital Security Hub) and found out specifically about careers in cyber security, and about how business incubators work, went to Salvis for lunch and then visited Central Library for a tour with Angela and finding out all about the different support offered by the library. We have loved working with this group and feel they have truly grown as a group and individuals. They plan on continuing their work to support others mental health and we wish them lots of luck in Year 11 and beyond!

Drop Down Days The last week of June saw us delivering our now annual sessions at Hyde for their summer drop down days. These days see the whole school taking part in enrichment activities and days out - and PIE ran workshops for the whole of Year 7 and Year 9 as part of it. Our workshops were based around respect, kindness and gratitude. We started off with dicussions around respect and how it is earned/ given/ shown. We then linked in with how respecting other and being respected helps us to be successful, and then thought about who we are grateful for. All students then had the chance to create a thank you card and gift for someone who has helped them in the academic year - be it a teacher, friend or family member. It was wonderful to see such thought put into this task and students valued the opportunity to say THANK YOU to those who have offered them support, respect and kindness. As always a brillliant experience to work with young people at Hyde High School.

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