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Half Term all over Stockport!

Last week we had a very fun three days of activities in multiple locations around Stockport!

Day 1 Marple – With the weather being quite unpredictable we had many indoor and outdoor activities planned for the group. Gemma set up a rice crispy cake making stand for the group, and they decorated their cakes with lots and lots of sprinkles, marshmallows and chocolate (well the remainder of chocolate that had not been eaten during the making of the cakes!). Other young people got stuck in with creative activities like drawing, Lego, and playing Jenga, set up by Munji. The weather was not too cold and wet so others got the chance to play football outside and learn how to play tag rugby with Ciara. The rules of passing backwards and staying behind the ball were a little confusing at first but they soon got the hang of it!

Day 2 Marple – A trip to Marple Regent Cinema was a must! It was great to see Edwin and the team again. The film we chose to watch was IF, which everyone enjoyed! The cinema was packed as we had our friends from Starting Point and Cherry Tree Youth join us to watch the film.

Day 3 – On our final day of activities for May Half Term we were joined by our friends from Starting Point at Stockport’s new Interchange. After looking around the new Viaduct Park and setting up the gazebos (with help from Evie, Sophie and Rex) we set off doing some spray painting with Jen from Make Good. The young people got to spray paint some wooden letters which spelled out the word STUFF and they also each spray painted their own canvas. They also got a chance to make a video showcasing and explaining what we do for the STUFF magazine. After playing some games in the Viaduct Park we then did a mini tour of some awesome street art in Stockport including some installments from Stockport town of Culture and some of our own artwork #proud! To finish a great morning and afternoon, we then headed to get some well deserved lunch.

Thankyou to DWP Household Support Fund for supporting and enabling us to support families during this half-term holiday!

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