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End of year round up of This Matters!

This programme is in it's second year at Leeds Co-Op Academy, and this time it's running with both Beth & Munji at the helm! Let's hear what they both have to say about another year of 'This...Matters':


What have you delivered and to who?

I have been delivering the Year 7 sessions in both Blackpool and Leeds to the entire year group. The four topics we have covered have been Kindness, Gratitude, Resilience and Positive Communication.

What has been your favourite session to deliver?

I loved the resilience sessions that were full of jigsaw chaos! I enjoy completing jigsaws myself and knew how much resilience they take to complete, so when the opportunity arose to get some of these groups to complete their first ever jigsaw puzzle I knew I would enjoy it. I could really see the student’s teamwork, delegation skills and confidence really grow during these sessions!

What have you enjoyed the most?

I have liked allowing the students to have an outlet to get creative in a way that they feel comfortable with. A lot of the sessions involve creating things such as keyrings, magnets and posters, and you can feel the joy in the room when the students are getting on with these!

Here are some of the creations!

What has surprised you?

I’m really surprised that I can visibly see the change in students from their first session to the last one. Having only recently left teaching, I thought it would be quite difficult building relationships and seeing that growth, without interacting with the students every day. However, in 4 sessions it’s very possible and clear to see how the groups are maturing and developing.



What have you delivered and to who?

I have been working with the current Year 8 group in Leeds since the start of Year 7, delivering half termly sessions with them.

What has been your favourite session to deliver?

I have enjoyed them all! It's great to do something different with young people and give them the chance to develop within a classroom setting but have a clear focus for a quick one hour session. This year I loved the community matters session where we created paperchains for every form room that represented the links between the form members - they were creative and passionate about showing themselves and their community identities - and it was great to see them sharing who they were with their form group. 

What have you enjoyed the most?

It has been great to see the cohort grow and mature, and they always seem to be genuinely excited for the sessions! I've loved the variety of sessions and then chance to develop a new programme with this cohort in mind!

What has surprised you?

These sessions seem to engage young people who struggle in longer activities or their usual lessons. It has been the young people who were least engaged in the first sessions who are now most excited and active during sessions. We have seen some great growth between sessions, and I think it is really powerful to have PIE staff see them at regular (but infrequent) intervals as we really notice - and can comment on - wider changes and impact. 

Looking forward to seeing further development with these students in the future - thanks for sharing your insights Beth & Munji!

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