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End of term

The last few months have been manic for us as we have wrapped up our pilot programmes at Harrop Fold, Chorlton High School, The East Manchester Academy and Manchester Communication Academy.

100% of students rated the enjoyment of the programme and rated how much they had learned from the programme as 'Very Good' or 'Outstanding'.

78% of students said that the programme had made a significant impact in preparing them for their GCSE year.

We were thrilled that the three areas rated by students as 'most improved' were their Confidence (average rating 8.6/10), Motivation (average rating 8.4/10) and Communication (average rating 8.2/10).

We also spent two days working with 120 Year 6 students at Unity Academy in Blackpool, helping to prepare them for the transition to high school in September. We loved helping these students explore their own identity, and help them develop a link with their new classmates and their new school.

This means that during our first six months, we have worked with 215 students across the North West of England.

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