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Did you HAF a good Easter?

We were so thrilled to be running another HAF Holiday project over Easter! Based at Marple Guide Hut, we ran four days of activities, so Gemma has written a few words to tell us all about it:

Day 1 The Guide Hut

Our first day was full of outdoor play football, Among Us and races. Inside we started our Easter crafts with Easter cards, games and the first road of ramp building for our monster trucks! It was fantastic to see all the children getting stuck in and coming up with ideas for our ramps.

Day 2 Stockport County

Our second day saw a visit from Stockport County’s Coach Mark. Our children were so excited to have a County coach coming to see us, the rain poured but no one noticed we were too busy having fun and learning new football skills. Inside to get a break from the rain we had games, confidence crafts and day 2 of ramp building to see how far our monster trucks would go.

Day 3 The Guide Hut

Wednesday saw us take on our Easter bonnet challenge! We had some incredible designs including an Easter wreath which was just stunning! Outside we had more football, chalking and parachute play.

Day 4 The Garden House

Our final day saw us out on an adventure. We walked along the Marple canal down to the community project The Garden House. Our children were introduced to Kevin the owner and showed around. We met all the animals, fed and groomed the pigs, had a play in the park area, were chased by some cheeky chickens and were treated to a warm lunch. On our way back each child took part in our scavenger hunt which resulted in an Easter egg for everyone!

The children who joined us gave us this feedback:

"I love meeting new friends."

"Holiday club is so fun, I like the crafts."

"Gemma and Caroline are so nice."

"I have so much fun and try things I wouldn’t do at home."

"I want a pet pig after going to The Garden House..."

"I wish you were on every week!"

Some of our HAF Parents shared these comments:

"My child wouldn’t have left the house this week if it wasn’t for your holiday club."

"It’s so nice to see children being children, not stuck to a screen."

"Thank you for welcoming my child."

"You’ve tired them out! Amazing!"

This HAF programme has been fantastic, as an organisation, we have built fantastic relationships with our families. The children go months without seeing each other but once they’re back at the guide hut it’s like they’ve never been apart. We have so many ideas for summer HAF, we can’t wait to get planning!

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