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Connell College Virtual Careers Speed Networking Event

How many local business experts does it take to fit a lightbulb?

18! Well, sort of, as we found out at our first EVER Virtual Careers Speed Networking Event on November 24th! After a few small technical glitches, we were up and running.

We invited 18 local business experts to take part, who in turn spent time speaking to our Future Ready cohort at Connell Co-op College. We used Zoom to allow students the precious opportunity to meet local professionals, and focus on some time exploring possible careers options. They spent 10 minutes in different break out rooms speaking to a variety of different people, ranging from travel consultants, to robotics teachers!

We were supported by a number of our fellow local VCSE organisations from Federation, and some of our partner organisations including Sharp Futures and MIC Media. Many thanks to all of those who took part.

This vital exposure to careers is one of many things that has been missing this year and is something which will have a huge impact, we hope that our new take on the concept will enable a positive and accessible outcome moving forward. We are hoping to hold another similar event in January - watch this space and get in touch if you would like to find out more!

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