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Back at the Sharp Project!

We have really enjoyed the opportunity to get back out and about on trips / experiences with our students, and this week we have a guest writer on the blog! Laila (now in Year 11) was part of a group from St Anne's High School who we took out for a great day in October. Thanks Laila for your hard work writing about your recent trip to one of our long time partners The Sharp Project:

After all the work we had done with Beth in the PIE project (we focused on equality), the last part of the project was to go on a trip into Manchester to visit the Sharp Project.

On the day of the trip, it was heavily raining but Beth still ensured it was an amazing trip. We travelled to the Sharp Project by train and tram, and for a few people on the trip it was their first time travelling this way which made it an even bigger adventure and experience for everyone.

When we arrived at Sharp, we were introduced to Amy who guided the trip and spoke to us through everything that was going on and all the different business and companies that work there. She gave us an explanation about what people do there and introduced us to different roles in media, which many people on the trip took an interest in. She explained about some businesses backstories and what they had to do to become successful which was very inspirational to us.

After Amy talked us through everything we had a break before our workshop. In the workshop we were introduced to a lady that worked in the media industry and she gave us an explanation and asked us lots of questions about what we do in our everyday lives that link to media and what it takes to get involved.

On the trip a few of us had realised this is what we would like to do after school and took a lot away from the trip. After the workshop Beth provided everyone with food and we could have individual chats with Amy and ask her any questions about the whole place. Many people were asking about what you must do to work in the Sharp Project and now a few of us are keen for placements there as we enjoyed it so much.

Everyone in the PIE project would love to thank Beth for her continuous hard work and dedication to the group and thank her for the amazing trip she kindly took us on. We all enjoyed it so much and enjoyed every single session with Beth.

- Laila

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